No. XII-3, March 1, 2007
-- Congress at Decisive Point on U.S. Trade Policy
-- Must U.S. Rush To Save the WTO Doha Round?
-- Corporations Press Congress To Continue Bush Trade Policy
-- Thank God for the WTO's Small Favors
-- Labor Works To Catch Up With Globalization
-- Women's Voices Stifled in Vietnam
-- Diary: Lenten Reflection on the Holocaust

No. XII-2, February 2, 2007
-- NO To Staying the Course on U.S. Trade Policy
-- A Senate Initiative Against Importing Sweatshop Goods
-- Advancing Homeland Social Responsibility
-- UK Strengthens Corporate Governance
-- World Labor Movement Catching Up with Globalization
-- Needed: A Bill of Rights for the Global Economy
-- Economic Models Made to Order for Deep Pocketbooks

No. XII-1, January 11, 2007
-- Multinationals Battling China's Worker Rights Proposals
-- Needed: Worker-Friendly Trade Reforms
-- An Economist Attacks a Wall-Streeter's AAFTA
-- Fairer Trade and Open Trade Aren't Enemies: John Sweeney
-- Here's One Way To Shop with a Clear Conscience
-- How Globalization's Low Prices Have High Costs
-- Globalization and Us -- 15 Points To Keep in Mind
-- New Labor Voice Appointed to U.S.-China Review Commission

No. XI-11, December 1, 2006
-- Secrets, Lies, and China's Sweatshops
-- The Sick Persistence of Sweatshops
-- Milton Friedman's Myopic Legacy for Globalization
-- Corporations Told of Their Shared Responsibilities
-- Is Adam Smith a Theologian in Disguise?
-- Seeking Global Justice Through U.S. Courts

No. XI-10, November 3, 2006
-- Indifference to child labor:
      - Declining Enforcement of the Law in the United States
      - Children Reappear in Bangladesh's Garment Industry
-- Economists' 'Consensus' on Minimum Wages Is Shifting
-- Worried about the Economy?  You Should Be
-- There Is Good and Bad News for Labor on Globalization
-- New Global Labor Federation Born in Vienna 

No. XI-9, September 25, 2006
-- Is U.S. Trade Policy a Big Fraud? - a Letter to Foreign Affairs
-- Unjust Trade Policies: the Evidence in Foreign Affairs
-- 'Radical Thinking about Economic Policy' by the Economist
-- Still Partially Blind, 13 Years after Quoting Lee Kuan Yew
-- Protection and Its Big Business Beneficiaries

No. XI-8, September 2, 2006
-- How United States Lags Behind Other Wealthy Nations
-- Inserting Human Values Into a Value-Free Trade System
-- Standardizing  Social Responsibility by ISO Number
-- The Shame of Washington Politics
-- Dr. Bernanke's Poor Prescription for Globalization's Ills
-- Helping the U.S. Labor Department Do Its Job
-- Diary:  Blog Raises Awareness of Child Labor

No. XI-7, August 7, 2006
-- Bush Rejects AFL-CIO's China Petition, Counts on
        U.S. Labor Department Help To Advance Labor Rights There
-- Free-Trade Democrats Hobble Their Own Party: Washington Post Columnist
-- Need Seen for Business Human Rights Norms
-- Monitoring of Corporate Codes Does Mighty Little for Workers
-- Time To Link Global Investment Rights with Responsibilities
-- U.S. Moving On, Outside the WTO, After WTO Talks Flop

No. XI-6, June 23, 2006
-- Pressuring Bush on China: AFL-CIO Demands Action
-- That Initiative Is Direct Challenge to Globally Privileged
-- 'Wall Street Complex' Is Alive and Well
-- Garment Workers' Anger Jolts Bangladesh
-- Times' Kristof Sings Praises for Sweatshops Again
-- Tracing the Shrinking Reward for Work
-- Colombia Leads in Killing Union Members

No. XI-5, May 10, 2006
-- Another Sweatshop Horror Story, This Time in Jordan
-- Disposable U.S. Workers, By the Millions
-- Is France in Decline, or Sending a Warning Signal?
-- Forbes Magazine Lists Top Winners in Globalization's Orgies
-- It's an Affront to Our Values, Or Maybe It's Not
-- Diary: Caring Much for Our Grandchildren

No. XI-4, April 3, 2006
Labor Unrest Shocks Vietnam; Workers Want 'Unions' Dissolved
-- How 'Free' Trade Keeps U.S. Trade Deficit Growing and Growing
-- Reebok's Revealing Human Rights Report
-- Former Neo-Conservative at the Crossroads
-- Five Points on the Sorry State of Globalization Today
-- Email: ILO Standards and Trade Sanctions

No. XI-3, March 1, 2006
-- How Labor Can Overcome a  Disaster: the Split-Up of the AFL-CIO
-- The Economist Says GDP = Grossly Distorted Picture
-- How U.S. Firms Aid Repression in China: Harry Wu
-- A Google Lesson: Global Rights Without Matching Responsibilities
-- World Bank Adopts Labor Standards for Private Sector Loans
-- The Positive Impact of Local Living Wage Laws
-- Backstory: How Union Activism Got My Father Fired

No. XI-2, February 2, 2006
-- Google Becomes a Partner in China's Censorship
-- Fund Sues Firestone for Forced Labor on Liberia Plantation
-- Bank Offers Ethical Compass for Policymakers
-- Income Inequality Keeps Going Up and Up
-- A Moral Issue: Raise the Minimum Wage
-- HRFW 10 Years Old This Month!

No. XI-1, January 10, 2006
-- Stealing Workers' Wages in China's Factories
-- Nobel Laureates Speak Out on Human Rights of Workers
-- Human Rights Obligations Abandoned at WTO Door
-- Vatican Archbishop on Trade and the Common Good
-- Two Economists on Global Trade and Fairness
-- Heterodoxy of New Assistant General Secretary of United Nations
-- How Press Ignores Job Safety Until Disaster Strikes

No. X-12, December 3, 2005
-- Corporate Social Responsibility Ltd. and the 'Good Company'
-- French Multinational Favors UN Global Norms
-- Vatican Conference on the Good Company
-- He Exposes Corporate Irresponsibility:  Charles Kernaghan
-- He Pioneered in Making Waves about Nike:  Jeff Ballinger
-- The Reliability of Milton Friedman's Predictions
-- An Initiative To Redesign the Corporation for This Century
-- Cardinal to Bush: Protect the Poor in WTO Negotiations

No. X-11, November 3, 2005
-- How Weak Audits Are Keeping Workers in Sweatshops
-- World Trade Organization at the Crossroads
-- International Human Rights Day: December 10
-- Unions Move To Unify on the World Level
-- Bishops Point to the Ethical Gap in Trade Agreements
-- Top Economist Emphasizes the Need for Moral Economic Growth
-- Some Business Schools Teach More Than Enron Ethics
-- Ailing Children: The Contrast betwee the U.S. and. Bangladesh
-- Diary: Catholic-Jewish Neighborliness in My Town

No. X-10, October 1, 2005
-- Nailing Wal-Mart Stores for Stolen Wages
-- Right a Trade Agreement Wrong on Job Discrimination
-- AFL-CIO Asks U.S. To Suspend Ecuador's Trade Privileges
-- Toothless OECD Guidelines, But Biting U.S. BITs
-- Confusing U.S. Programs on Corporate Social Responsibility
-- World Bank's Rare Positive Note on Unions
-- The Economist on How the Dominant Elite Protect the Elite

No. X-9, September 10, 2005
-- U.S. Economy Up, Workers Down
-- Unhappy Anniversary for Our Working Poor
-- 14 Companies That Prosper on the Moral High Road
-- Job Exports Upset Public -- But Not Enough
-- Globalization, As Seen Through Friedman's Tunnel Vision
-- Women's Place in the Labor Force
-- Off-Shoring Human Rights for Workers  
-- Email: Focus on Looters Stigmatizes the 99-1/2%
-- New Book on the AFL-CIO and the Vietnam War

No. X-8, July 28, 2005

-- Diagnosing Friedman and the 'Disorder' of His Flat World
-- But The World Is Round, And Has a Conscience Too
-- The Litmus Test for U.S. Economic Policy
-- Same Boss, Different Country, Different Treatment: Why?
-- Profits Appear as Jobs Disappear
-- How U.S. Government Rigs Elections Against Unions

No. X-7, June 28, 2005
-- China's Goal: Nationalize U.S. Oil Corporation, Unocal
-- CAFTA Branded a Violation of 'Culture of Life'
-- Anti-Trafficking Becomes the New Abolitionist Movement
-- Corporate Responsibility on Roller-Coaster Ride
-- Religious Investors Hail UN Global Norms
-- Hunting Elephants with Popguns, Yesterday and Today
-- Cobbling with Human Rights for Workers

No. X-6, May 4, 2005
-- Greed Kills: Bangladesh's Latest Garment Factory Tragedy
-- No Hope for Poor in CAFTA: Bishop Ramazzini
-- Church Leaders Tell World Trade Organization To Reform
-- Applying Moral Values to Global Realities
-- 'Special' Treatment for UN Global Business Norms
-- Employee Freedom of Choice Act Relaunched

No. X-5. April 12, 2005, Special Edition
-- John Paul II on Work and Globalization
-- Thoughts from a Working Person's Pope
-- How John Paul II Upgraded the Doctrine of Work

No. X-4, April 2, 2005
-- World Labor Force Has Doubled since 1980: an Economist on the Challenge
-- Why the UN Global Norms for Multinationals Matter
-- Focusing on the Realities of the Expanding Global Economy
-- Growing Consensus against Central-American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA)
-- Georgetown Students Teach Justice by Going On Hunger Strike
-- Forced Labor in Prosperous California

No. X-3, March 3, 2005
-- Amnesty to U.S.: Stop Undermining Global Business Norms
-- Setting the Stage for Upcoming UN Norms Debate
-- NYC Stockholder Initiative on Global Worker Rights
-- Against All Odds: the Struggle against Slavery
-- Labor Department Goes Easy on Wal-Mart's Law-Breaking
-- Franciscans International Lobbies UN on Economic Justice

No. X-2, February l, 2005
-- The Battle over UN Global Norms for Business
-- Roadblocks to Worker Rights in the United States
-- Human Rights Watch Revisits 'The Jungle' of Meatpacking Industry
-- Make Bush's Freedom Rhetoric Come True
-- How China Has Impacted U.S. Jobs

No. X-1, January 7, 2005
-- Unions Rushing Aid to Tsunami Victims
-- Oil Giant Unocal Settles Human Rights Case
-- Church Leaders Criticize Central-American Free Trade Pact (CAFTA)
-- Why Is China So Attractive to Foreign Business?
-- Correction: In China 'Shall' Does Not Mean 'Must' 

No. IX-11, December 6, 2004
-- China to Wal-Mart: Get in Step with Us, or Else
-- More Economists Raise Doubts about 'Free Trade'
-- Limitations of New Labor Code in Electronics Industry
-- The Outlaw Sea: a World of Freedom Gone Amok
--  Media Watch: No, It Can't Be -- George Will a Liberal

No. IX-10, November 8, 2004
-- Outlook for Workers under New Bush Administration
-- 562 Economists See Higher Minimum Wage as Pro-Family
-- China Rated as the World's Leading Jailer of Journalists
-- Vietnam Puts Itself in Same Unfree League as China
-- Unions for Working Children?  Bad Idea
-- Toward a More Human Technology

No. IX-9, October 2, 2004
-- A Tough Test for Politicians, and Voters
-- A Painful Personal Reflection on the Holocaust
-- Economist Attacks 'Complacencies' of Economists
-- Mercantilism Disguised as Free Trade by U.S. Negotiators
-- Holding International Financial Institutions Accountable 

No. IX-8, September 3, 2004
-- Coming:  Mass Migration of  Jobs to China, Courtesy of "Free Trade"
-- There Many More Millions of Workers Are Underpaid or Not Paid at All
-- What You Can Do About a WTO Made Crisis
-- Toward a Global Trade Regime in Which Values Count
-- U.S. Middle- and Lower Income Families Left Behind
-- UN Sorting Out Global Responsibilities of Corporations
-- Education in Ethics for University Professors
-- Diary: What Are Grandpas For?

No. IX-7, July 15, 2004
-- Women Taking on Mighty Wal-Mart in Class-Action Lawsuit
-- Myopia on Rights of Working Women Is Global
-- U.S. Companies Shun UN Global Compact
-- President Bush Shuns International Union Leaders
-- Kohl's Code of Conduct Put to a Test
-- How U.S. Trade Pacts Hurt Consumers But Enrich Drug Companies
-- Families on Work-Work-Work Treadmill
-- Diary: Four Real American Kids
-- Fading Faith in 'Free Trade': a Magazine Article of Mine

No. IX-6, June 1, 2004
-- Restoring a Suppressed Freedom: the Employee Free Choice Act
-- An Economist Analyzes the American Economic Problem
-- U.S. Trade Agreements 'Hollow' on Worker Rights
-- Tanzanian Farmers Crushed by Global Markets
-- Trade Ministers Urged To Scale Back Their Ambitions
-- India's Voters Rein in Economic Globalism
-- Media Watch: The Insatiable Thirst for Profits
-- Diary: The Joys of Being Mai's Grandpa

No. IX-5, May 11, 2004
-- Economic Bloodletting as Trade Policy
-- Testing Olympic Games' Fair Play
-- UN Global Business Norms Barely Alive
-- U.S. Human Rights Law Also Under Attack
-- In Defense of Anti-Sweatshop Activism

  No. IX-4, March 22, 2004
-- AFL-CIO Reaching Out to China's Workers and Ours
-- Answering the Slur of 'Protectionism' against Trade Petition
-- U.S.-Central America Agreement Flawed: Human Rights Watch
-- Another Diagnosis of Same Trade Pact and of U.S. Commitment
        to Worker Rights
-- Want Some Facts To Back Up Your Opinions?
-- If You Seek Variety in Your Browsing....

No. IX-3, March 4, 2004
-- Faith in U.S. Trade Model Is Ebbing
-- Bhagwati on How Business Lobbyists Have 'Deformed' the WTO
-- Towards a Globalization That Is Fair
-- U.S. on Slippery Slope, Economist Says
--  The High Cost of Wal-Mart's Low Prices
-- Conflicts of Interest, Public, Private, and Personal
-- Email: 'I Am Not That Impressed'

No. IX-2, February 2, 2004
-- Anti-Sweatshop Leader Murdered in Cambodia
-- Business Norms on Agenda of UN Meeting Next Month
-- Corporate Social Responsibility Unmasked
-- Good News: David Beats Goliath Again in Alabama
-- Top Economist Assails Trade Pact He Once Advocated
-- Stiglitz Takes On the World Trade Organization Too
-- Drugging the Free Market

No. IX-1, January 6, 2004
-- More Wage-Cheating in China, And No Thought of Making Restitution
-- How Killing Workers Goes Unpunished
-- Which Way To Go, Mr. CEO?
-- Proposed UN Global Norms Put Heat on Business
-- Diary: In the First Eight Years, No Dumb Mistakes
No. VIII-11, December 3, 2003
-- Human Rights for American Workers, Too: Message of December 10 Rallies
-- China Is World's Sweatshop, But Who Cares?
-- Choosing Death and Degradation as the Price of 'Progress'
-- What You Can Do
-- Investor Concerns and CEO Unconcerns
-- Wal-Mart Is Efficiently Leading the Global Race to the Bottom
-- A Mea Culpa for Being Tardy in Focusing on This Terrible Story
No. VIII-9, October 4, 2003
-- How To Design Your Own Collapse: Lessons from Cancun
-- WTO Still Blind to Mass Exploitation
-- International Loans Can Subsidize Mass Exploitation
-- Double Standards for Elections in U.S.
-- Penn Fights Union of Graduate Student Employees
-- More Light on Pollution and Workers
-- Diary: Walking in the Park with Mai

No. VIII-9, September 8, 2003
-- Constitutional Right To Work at a Living Wage Proposed
-- SOS: Life Raft for Workers Nowhere in Sight
-- Mark December 10 on Your Calendar
-- Daring To Speak Its Name: the Laogai
-- Cashing In on Worker Rights Violations
-- Why World Trade Needs Reform
-- The Sharp Focus of ILO Focus

No. VIII-8, August 1, 2003
-- The Two Faces of Radio Free Asia, One in Asia, Another in Washington
-- Correcting a Human Rights Blind Spot
-- Getting the World Bank To Make Progress
-- Codes of Conduct, Trade, and China
-- Letting My Computer Take a Vacation

No. VIII-7, July 1, 2003
-- Global Siamese Twins: Worker Rights and International Trade
-- Hello, Bangladesh, Please Take Note:
         A Sure Formula for Keeping a Poor Country Poor
-- Thanks to Supreme Court, Is There a Tipping Point in Nike's Future?
-- Multinationals Fighting Human Rights Law
-- How To 'Modernize' Overtime Pay by Abolishing It
-- Union Isn't Foreign to the U.S. Foreign Service 
          No. VIII-6, June 10, 2003
-- Humane Conditions Pledged for Poultry, But Not for Poultry Workers
-- An Ethical Vacuum in Business School Classes
-- A Global Road Map to Worker Rights
-- Remembering Pat Moynihan and His ILO Role
-- Where Killing Unionists Goes Unpunished
-- The Economist Revises a 'Sacred' Belief
-- Diary: Revisiting My Army Days

No. VIII-5, May 2, 2003
-- A Decade of Scandalous Neglect after World's Worst Factory Fire
-- Response to a Crass Defense of the Indefensible
-- Now a U.S. Landmark: Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
-- Seeing the Light on Environmental Pollution
-- 'Let Them Eat Pollution,' and Many Millions Do
-- Lawyers Committee Favors Trade/Labor Linkage
-- Nike and Other Companies Told: Pay Stolen Wages
-- Bright Spotlight on Worker Rights
No. VIII-4, April 10, 2003
-- Rejecting Dogmatism in Economics: Now It's Happening at Harvard
-- How U.S. Comes to the Rescue of Drug Multinationals at WTO
-- Misplaced Faith in a Free Trade System That Leaves Poor Behind
-- Honing Tools for Progress on Rights: Coca-Cola's Colombia Bottlers in U.S. Court
-- U.S. Supreme Court Eyeing Nike Code

No. VIII-3, March 8, 2003
-- Why Union Membership Is Down
--  World Bank Praises Unions -- To a Point
--  How Skewed Trade Skewers and Alienates People
--  Labor Speaks Out Against Iraq War
--  'The Wrong War': a View from Israel
--  Diary: Heavy Shoveling and Thinking
No. VIII-2, February 3, 2003
-- Your Job May Be the Next To Go Abroad: Business Week
-- U.S. Investments Spurring Job Migration to China and Elsewhere
-- Globalization's Toll on Textile Workers
-- Requiring U.S. Corporations To Let the Sunshine In
-- Web Sightings: Q&As for Workers and Their Families
-- Diary: Reality TV on a Holiday

No. VIII-1, January 20, 2003
-- Freeing Child Laborers: Still Far To Go
-- No to a Mini-NAFTA for Central America
-- Humane Society Assisting on 'Trade Capacity Building'
-- Unions Have a Role, World Bank Finds
-- Tainted Banana Harvest, Tainted U.S. Policy
-- Fighting To Preserve Hong Kong's Freedom
-- Web Sightings: Songs about Heroes
-- Diary: Beginning HRFW's Eighth Year
No. VII-10, November 12, 2002
-- Sweatshops Still Plague China's Workers, Even With Codes
-- Alarm Bells for Hong Kong's Future
-- Seeking Freedom of Choice for Consumers
-- The Mess Facing Brazil -- And the World Too
-- Diary: Time Off, Sort Of, in the Lap of Luxury
-- Why You Didn't Find October's HRFW

No. VII-9, September 10, 2002
-- How America Works and Doesn't Work
-- Business in China Has Some Cut Ethical Corners
-- Worker Rights Rules Could Help Third World
-- Sexual Harassment and Software Imported from India
-- Ways To Save Globalization from Itself
-- Fresh Air Coming to the Stuffy WTO?  Maybe
-- Americans Warming Up to Unions
-- Diary: Antidotes to Pessimism

No. VII-8, August 12, 2002
-- How Leading Business Schools Teach Enron Ethics
-- AFL-CIO Mobilizing Against Business as Usual
-- Judgment Day May Be Near for Nike
-- A Fast Track to Fast Track to...Where?
-- World Bank Prepares 'Toolkit' on Core Worker Rights
-- IMF and Economist Ignore Key Issues Raised by Stiglitz
-- Diary: The Stock Market and Me

No. VII-7, July 6, 2002
-- Remembering the Cause of China's Workers
-- Forgetting the Cause of China's Workers
-- Sweatshops Praised by NY Times Columnist
-- A Student and an Executive Enlighten NY Times Columnist
-- The Wall Street/IMF Partnership and the Harm It's Done
-- Diary: A Baby Making Her Own Choices
-- How You Can Make a Difference

No. VII-6, June 3, 2002
-- How Today's Trading System Hurts Women
-- Suffering the Pains of Vulnerability:
    * Greenhouse Workers in Colombia: Jobs But No Dignity
    * Coffee and Tea Workers in Kenya: Hounded by Sexual Predators
    * Toy Workers in China: Paying for Their Country's Economic Progress
-- Do Our Children Need Blood-Stained Toys?
-- 14 Hours of Work To Buy Just One Big Mac
-- New Global Eye on Global Corruption
-- Seeking Answers to Workers' Questions