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Saving Workers from Being Cannon Fodder, 12/13/02
How To Evaluate China's Progress, 12/13/12
Sweatshops Still Plague China's Workers, Even with Codes, 11/12/02
Alarm Bells for Hong Kong's Future, 11/12/02
Business in China Has Cut Ethical Corners, 9/10/02
Worker Rights Rules Could Help Third World, 9/10/02
Remembering the Cause of China's Workers, 7/6/02
Forgetting the Cause of China's Workers, 7/6/02
Toy Workers in China: Paying for Their Country's Economic Progress, 6/3/02
Do Our Children Need Blood-Stained Toys?, 6/3/02
Asking Sears about Its Made-in-China Merchandise, 5/3/02
China's Workers Struggling To Be Heard, 4/8/02
This Businessman Is a Human Righs Activist, 3/8/02
New Spotlight on China's 'Toys of Misery', 2/1/02
A Hazardous Occupation: Aiding China's Workers, 1/7/02
Diary: Our Christmas Gifts to China's Regime, 1/7/02

Why Congress Should Say No How To Evaluate China's Progresto China on MFN/NTR, 2/14/00

Human Rights Watch Clarifies Position on China, 12/1/99
Putting a Red Face on the Global Economy, 11/19/99
The Wishful Thinking of Human Rights Watch, 11/19/99
Pinning Hopes on a Chinese Gorbachev, 11/19/99
China's 'Holy Trouble-Makers' Speak Out about Laogai, 9/23/99
Monitoring China as It Really Is, 7/29/99
New Code of Conduct Meant Especially For China, 6/2/99
Global Petition on 1989 Protests in China, 5/7/99
'China's Troubled Workers': They're Still Troubled, 5/7/99
An Update on Sweatshops in the Toy Industry, 4/17/99
China Provides Data on Exploitation of Shoe Workers, 4/17/99
Documenting China's Human Rights Crackdown, 2/8/99

Why Worker Rights Are Human Rights, 12/14/98
Unusual Insights from China about China, 10/22/98
Ending the Cover-Up About China's Economy, 10/1/98
China, Workers, and the WTO, 8/7/98
Diary: Reflections on Clinton and China, 7/2/98
Hong Kong and Indonesia Demonstrate Asian Values, 6/1/98
Linking Up to Events in China, 4/6/98
Diary: Exploring the Northwest and Beyond, 4/6/98
Pin-Pointing 'Made-in-China' Sweatshops, Even Kathie Lee's, 3/23/98
Exposing a Vast System of Apartheid, 3/11/98
Taiwanese Military Discipline Imposed on China's Workers, 2/23/98
Diary: Getting Wei Jingsheng's Autograph, 2/9/98

Shoes Made in China? Here's What We're Paying for, 12/4/97
'Mommy, Are We Killing Chinese Workers?', 11/20/97
'Let Freedom Ring' in China and Tibet: a Message for Two Presidents, 10/24/97
China Labor Bulletin Issues Storm Warning to World Bank and Beijing, 10/3/97
How Many More Workers Will Burn to Death in China?  9/29/97
China's Economic Reforms: Not Quite as Trumpeted, 8/25/97
Indicting China for Torturing Worker Activists, 6/21/97
Corporate Codes Don't Cure Misconduct in China, 6/11/97
How U.S. Underwrites China's Repression, 5/30/97
Subsidizing Oppression: a Letter to the Times, 4/7/97
Solidarity with Hong Kong's Workers, 3/25/97
A Deal That Didn't Budge Beijing, 3/8/97
Foreign Affairs and China's Workers, 2/11/97

A Troublemaker Names a U.S. Brand, 12/18/96
How China's Reforms Impact Workers: an Insider's Report, 6/3/96
Fang Lizhi on Double Standards for MFN Trade Privileges, 4/11/96
China's 'Appalling Record' Under Sustained Fire from Amnesty, 3/23/96
How Come So Much on China?  2/23/96
Treacherous Union Voyages to Beijing, China, 2/11/96

Articles by HRFW's Editor:

Exploring a New Frontier, China Rights Forum, summer, 1998
China's Troubled Workers (with Anita Chan), Foreign Affairs, March/April 1997
China's Wei, Commonweal, 3/8/96
The Saga of Harry Wu, Foreign Service Journal, 12/1995
Pirates on the Loose, Commonweal, 5/5/95

Sources on the Web:

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China Labour Bulletin at
Hong Kong Christian Industrial Committee at
Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions at
Hong Kong Liaison Office of the Internaional Trade Union Movement at
Laogai Research Foundation at
Human Rights in China at
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